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Drive-in racking industrial shelves storage

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Drive-in racking is a type of warehouse storage system designed to maximize space utilization by allowing forklifts to enter the storage aisles and operate within the rack structure. This system is characterized by a series of deep lanes where pallets are stored in a last-in, first-out (LIFO) configuration. 
Key features of drive-in racking include high-density storage, as pallets are stored in close proximity to each other, and a focus on storing a large quantity of homogeneous products. This system is suitable for items with a low turnover rate, as it may take more time to access specific pallets due to the LIFO configuration.
Drive-in racking is a cost-effective solution for warehouses with a large volume of pallets of the same SKU (stock-keeping unit) and limited space, as it minimizes the need for multiple aisles.